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When we were looking, we drove both back-to-back since the dealer is a VW/Audi. My sales guy just confirmed that both cars have the same transmission. Mate in work has a b8 A4 with Multitronic, it decided it didn't want to be a gearbox any longer and promptly * itself. Overall, the Golf just didn't feel as tight as the.

Na osnovu tog iskustva, mislim da.0 TDI slab. Posebno ako na to dodas jos i quattro pogon. 3.0 TDI motor je mjera za taj auto i ja licno kada bi kupovao, nebi razmisljao po tom pitanju - kupio.0 TDI motor u kombinaciji sa Quattrom Da je Audi Q3, onda.0 TDI 170ks motor bio sasvim dovoljan. We almost bought.0 earlier this year in fact it was ordered that s also another story I did not get the chance to test the.0 ltr although tbh, I was never going. They are fantastic motors and supremely comfortable. Hope you enjoy your new car. Heard about the changes to MY15 also that the CO2 is reduced by 3 but not sure if this applies to the stronic or just manual.

And ps goes up to 150.happy days! So looking forward to September. Out all the test drives I had the BMW 1 series, Merc A, VW golf the Audi was top of the list. The new Audi S3 Sportback is available with a choice of 6-speed manual. I m not sure I understand exactly what. Ok i know this has been beaten to death.

But i m debating on a manual. Had a few questions on the. I did a test drive but honestly. Hi all new member here. I have a question or more like advice on the. Stronic vs the manual gearbox. I am getting an A3 Saloon Sline through work (i have to pay a bit extra to have the audi) and was wondering if any of you have any recommendations around s tronic or any negatives around it? Has any A3 TDI drivers ever been able to directly compare a 2010.

STronic transmission to a 2010 Golf TDI DSG? Is it the same? I ve not test driven a golf TDI yet. I recently had the opportunity to drive a friends A3 TDI and was suprisingly impressed with the automatic transmission. How much different is the S-Tronic from the DSG if at all.


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I love Sport mode in the A3, but it's a little dangerous to use during the break-in, since it will let you warum lügen männer in einer beziehung steffisburg take it right to red-line before it shifts if you aren't careful with your foot. Look up the issues the Yanks have with them and the class action they started with Audi. It wasn't as smooth in the corners, it took longer for the suspension to recover from dips and bumps in the road. I feel lag in the A3 every once in the same way, but usually only when I am not giving accelerator input. If you get it and find it a little off putting at the start I can tell you that you will grow to love it ever so quickly. By the way, "S-Tronic" is just an Audi name for DSG. Shifting gears seemed slower in the Golf in the time it took between telling it to shift and actually shifting. But I have to say the stronic is simply brilliant and, with the paddles, you could be in a F1 car the gear changes are so so quick. Obviously, neither of them is as slow as a conventional automatic transmission, but I thought I noticed a difference between them.

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keuchheitsgürtel forum stronic 2 test Both my girlfriend and I were dissappointed driving the Golf after driving the. I would say it was better in quality and comfort than the Scion tC we drove onto the lot. No one wanted to work on it and he ended up getting it lifted to a gearbox specialist up about Coleraine.
Hotwife geschichten deutche porno stars The suspension didn't seem to be tuned as nicely. The Golf was by no means bad to drive, but it wasn't as good as the. It seemed that they were programmed for different performance. Same here, I sprüche um eine beziehung zu retten gratwein straßengel came from the RS4 and I thought I would never like the stronic because I liked flying up and down the gears at will; sometime missing ones!
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